Advanced Relationship Training (ART) Seminar

Even the most inexperienced seminar leader can teach you a few basic communication techniques.  But, if those concepts not preceded by mind-altering ways of understanding your current behaviors and are not followed by transformational experiences of right relationship, you won’t actually change in any way.  You just won’t feel motivated enough, clear enough, or safe enough to implement even their simplest teachings. 

So, in the end, those sorts of seminars are a waste of your time. In fact, they are worse than a waste of time, since you will leave the seminar feeling even more hopeless than when you arrived.  

Sadly, that is what happens at most “breakthrough” seminars.

Dr. Glenn Pickering's "ART" Seminar

The ART seminars are different from the above example in every way. 

The profound, eye-opening truths that Dr. Glenn Pickering has discovered in his 40 years of intensive study will help you to understand your relationships in ways you never did before.  You will literally see with new eyes – an experience that people have consistently described as being fun, exciting, liberating, and life-changing. 

And that’s just the beginning. 

Begin Your New Life

Every insightful step in the seminar builds on every previous step and each of those steps include powerful, guided exercises that will help you to open your heart, experience a truly different way of being in relationship, and begin your new life.

All of this will happen under Dr. Pickering’s direct care, with many opportunities to ask questions, receive personalized guidance, build community, and to learn from a true relationship master. If you have questions after the seminar, you will have the (free) opportunity to ask Dr. Pickering follow-up questions, receive his thoughtful suggestions, and continue growing in your relationships.

At the end of most seminars, if you are lucky, you will know some of what it takes to create a better relationship.  

By the end of the ART seminar, you will be IN a better relationship – for life. We guarantee it.

Because ART isn’t just different; it’s unique!


Date: October 15-17 2021

Seminar Location : Hyatt Regency Hotel, 3200 E 81st Street, Bloomington, MN 55425

Where To Stay : Hyatt Regency Hotel - Special Event Rates: $99/room and $149/suite

Promo Code : SuiteDeal - this code is available for the first 7 registrants to receive $50 off their registration in order to upgrade from a room to a suite

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    Additional Information:

    • Registration starts at 6:30 PM on Friday, October 15th 2021 and we will finish at 5:30 PM on Sunday, October 17th 2021
    • The seminar officially ends at 5:30 PM Sunday night but there will be an additional BONUS session after supper on Sunday, for all those who want to practice what they have learned, under Glenn’s direct guidance. This session will be very informal and very hands-on.
    • We will be meeting in the Stone Arch rooms
    • Parking is free in the Hyatt Regency surface parking lot
    • There is a free airport and Mall of America shuttle
    • The first 7 registrants will have the opportunity to take $50 off registration with Promo Code: SuiteDeal

    Learn More About Dr. Glenn Pickering

    Dr. Glenn Pickering, a nationally recognized Christian therapist with 40 years of intensive study, is full of revolutionary insights, real life examples and concrete change strategies that help individuals and couples create the joyful, loving relationships they’ve always wanted.

    He has spent the past four decades studying relationships — learning how to build, strengthen, and maintain truly amazing connections with God and with other people. During this time, he has had the honor of teaching, counseling, and mentoring thousands of people, each of whom taught me something about the art of living in relationship.

    He also is the author of the free eBook, “The ART of Relationships: Stop Playing TAG and Start Being Happy” which is available HERE!
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