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The ART of Relationships

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I literally wrote this book for you. It packs my 40 years of education and experience into 46 pages of life-changing information. In those 46 pages, you will learn how to understand, recognize, and replace your destructive relationship patterns with positive, loving experiences.

It all starts with understanding the game I call TAG.

We all played the childhood game of Tag. It was an unusual game in some ways – there was nobody on your team and the only goal was to NOT be the one who was IT.

It is incredibly liberating to realize that all of your current relationship struggles are happening because you are now playing a very similar game – the adult version of the game, which I call TAG.

The childhood version of the game was fun.

The adult version is not.

The adult version is why we:

  • argue
  • shut down
  • put up walls
  • think we need to be right
  • look for things to criticize
  • defend ourselves
  • and blame others

In short, TAG is the reason for every form of wrong relationship in your life.

This is a bold claim, I know. But it’s true.

Once you understand the game, you will begin to see it everywhere. And you will then have the power to break through your old, TAG-playing habits and to create the amazing relationships you truly desire.

This little book will start you on that path. It will empower you, by teaching you about the game. And it will enlighten you, as well. It includes a self-scoring TAG test, which I’m thinking will be very interesting to you.

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